Friday, January 18, 2013

wedding photo

I sip some mango juice from the cheap polystyrene cup; a taste too sour for my liking.
As I sit alone at a table, surrounded by meals bygone.

They are all there, in the family lawn; the proud father, the joyful mother, a gaggle of excited friends. People who had seen her take her first steps, now seeing her take her first steps into holy matrimony.

I glance at the happy couple on the cheap wooden dais; a sight too sour for my liking.
As I seat alone at the table, head filled with memories bygone.

Through the shower of confetti, our eyes met. Once the moment would have been filled by love, now just disappointment.

Suddenly her mother calls me over. Come and join us, she says; in her voice a trace of sympathy. I relented, and stood up to join them.

Smiling weakly, knowing that it should be me sitting beside her. But instead, today I am just another friend in her wedding photo.